Kimora Jodha

Jodha, inspired by the Rajput princess of Amer, is a vibrant and dynamic woman, who loves the culture, art, architecture and colours. She brings the Rajputana essence into the elegant Mughal sultanate. Her style portrays a rich sophisticated mood with yellow gold colours, rich patterns and heavy gold, kundan jewellery and accessories.

Kimora Noor

Noor, is a new age inspiration from the Mughal empress, Nur Jahan of seventeenth century, India. She is a strong and charismatic beauty with the power, strength and courage to rule an empire independently. Her classic taste in clothing and accessories compliments her personality. She epitomizes perfect richness and modernity with a bright red and gold palette and bold oral patterns.

Kimora Hamida

Hamida, is a creative woman, inspired by the Mughal queen Hamida Banu Begum. With an impeccable taste in art and architecture, Hamida represents herself as an epitome of royalty. She is generous by nature, and believes in perfect symmetry, which reects, in her royal lehengas through geometrical patterns.

Kimora Ahilya

Inspired by Ahilya Bai, a great queen of Malwa Kingdom, the muse, Ahilya is a spiritual and simple girl. Her spiritual nature makes her a strong patron of temple architecture. She travels across the country wearing swirling lehengas in creams and pinks with delicate zardosi work. Ahilya is a personication of a balance in modern and traditional style.

Kimora Chenam

Chenam is a courageous and passionate woman, who is committed to glorify her kingdom’s heritage with her modern ways. She is an inspiration from a queen of the southern keladi kingdom, Keladi Chenamma ,(the ‘Pepper Queen’). Chenam is a modern woman, who fuses the western inspiration with Indian ethnic style in her attire. She loves the hues of turquoise, fuschia and pink.

Kimora Mumtaz

Mumtaz, the muse, epitomizes the eternal beauty, which makes her compassionate attitude all the more graceful. An inspiration from Arjuman Bano. Mumtaz is Persian, and loves art and ne architecture. She aunts her romantic and imaginative nature, with light tones, delicate embellishments, embroidery, royal accessories and make-up.

Kimora Rukmini

Rukmini, a vivacious beauty, who is modern and yet loves all things traditional. Her style echoes the grandeur comprising of oral patterns in gold zari, on a vibrant palette of fuschia, green and blue. She radiates love and happiness. This muse is inspired by wife of Hindu God, Krishna.

Kimora Chitrangada

A princess from the east, from a mystical land, Chitrangada is bold and beautiful. She is an inspiration from the princess of Manipur in the Vedic times. Her splendour and beauty are classic. She is as elegant as an ‘Apsara’. Chitrangada loves light colours and delicate embellished patterns on her attire.

Kimora Meera

Meera, is an inspiration from a Rajput princess, Meerabai from the 14th century. She is a simple girl with a timeless beauty. With spiritual roots and a sweet voice, she loves chanting sacred hymns. She is also dreamy, and wears colourful outts bejewelled with heavy accessories and veils. Coming from a royal lineage, Meera has strong values, which portray her as a classic and elegant muse.

Kimora Karuvaki

She has magnicent eyes and beauty. She is a free-spirited girl, full of energy, happiness and life. Karuvaki is an inspiration from the empress of Mauryan kingdom in the 3rd century BC. This eminent beauty is a carefree personality and loves wearing light tones and light jewellery.

Kimora Gandhari

Gandhari is a seless woman, an inspiration from the queen Gandhari of Mahabharata. With her royal patronage, She epitomizes generosity and unconditional love for family. This is reected in her personal style. She wears contrast colours and embroidered silk fabrics.

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