Kimora is an Indian ethnic fashion brand located in Surat.
Gujarat. With its vibrant palette of colours and rich designs, it has been an expert in the wholesale market over two decades providing high quality wholesale bridal wear in India and all over the world including Europe, United Kingdom, Middle East, Canada, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

Kimora as a brand, is a reflection of India as a culturally diverse and rich country. Through their designs, Kimora projects the experiences of the generations of art, culture, people and their lifestyles. It represents how India has found its own expression with a variety of influential cultures around


We release an exclusive collection every month.
Each collection consists of a vanety of styles that are designed and manufactured at our factory in Surat and then exported to various cities and countries.

We use the finest quality of fabrics like Velvet, Chandheri.
Silk, Cotton Net and Georgette to prepare the most beautiful and roval outfits

All the lehengas by Kimora, are designed for occasions, events and especially weddings. Our suit collections consist of modern, traditional styles of Anarkalis, Layered jackets, Dupattas with delicate work of embroidered, embellished, zari, gota, threadwork, gemstones in floral, geometrical patterns and in various colours and designs Our saree collection is designed with elegance with a vibrant colour palette which suits every occasion



Kimora means Ruler, Regal, Royal. India has seen many rulers, kings, queens from the royal lineage. From rich cultural heritage of India, influenced by many rulers and royalty. Kimora weaves a story of Queens and Princesses, who patronized crafts and textiles amalgamating influences and fusing new inspirations that gave us the legacy, that is Kimora

Sunehri coitomizes a vibrant & graceful bride with an eve for detail which resonates in hor personal style. She embodies a woman that works like a needle and thread to bind families together. Wraoped in exquisite wear. sunehri radiates love and happiness as she celebratos her goiden moment with confidence
Inspired by a tale of timless love, Sohni is the classical heroine of the famed * Sohni -Mahiwal" legend, and Kimora's inspiration for its contemporary collection of suits, featuring bold and vibrant prints.
All the outfits of Sindhurt, are designed for occasions. events and especially weddings. We finest quality of fabrics like Banarsi, Velvet, Chandheri. Silk, Catton. Net and Georgette
When your conscience becomes clear regarding the ethicality of fashion, the only choice is to invest in eco - friendly creations Sinduri sarees has aligned it self with the cause, with a wedding inspired collection , sarees. Each piece is made from 100 percent kadhi saree materials and is completely Azo - dye free.
The label also follows fair trade Mactices, and a design aesthetic that is slow and long - lasting. for a wardrobe you are proud of .
Heer & Ranjha, a romantic folk tale epitomises the beauty and grace of Heer, our muse. A charming and playful free spirit, Heer is a synonym for a loved one and an eternal inspiration for Kimora as we craft colourful and intricate collections for the Heer's of today: to be remembered fondly and cherished with love
Woman With Desire, Place On This Patch Of Flower-strewn Floor Your Lotus Foot,And Let Your Foot Through Beauty Win,
Meera, is an inspiration from a Rajput princess, Meerabai from the 14th century. She is a simple girl with a timeless beauty. With spiritual roots and a sweet voice, she loves chanting sacred hymns. She is also dreamy, and wears colourful outfits bejewelled with heavy accessories and veils.
Coming from a royal lineage, Meera has strong values, which portray her as classic and elegant muse.