Kimora Sunehri

Kimora Aishwarya Nijampurkar In Forest Green Woven Paithani Saree

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The Timeless Wear Paithani Saree Crafted In Pratishthan Which Is A City That Was Ruled By Satavahanas. That Is Now Known By The Name Paithan Near Aurangabad. This 6-yard Delight Is A Wonderful Weave Popular For The Spectacular Motifs Designed On The Glistening Smooth Fabric. The Peacock, Parrot, And Lotus Motifs Being The Significant Three Types Of Motifs Minted On The Marathi Paithani Saree. The Paithani Silk Sarees Are Identified By The Designs And Motifs Created On These Silk Sarees. These Motifs Furbish The Entire Silk Paithani Saree With A Divine Facet.



Blouse Piece: Yes, The Saree Comes Up With A Blouse Piece Of 0.8 Meters To 1 Meters 

Paithani Sarees Known As The Queens Of Silk Have A Fascinating Beauty. The Paithani Silk Saree Is Formed With A Pretty Endeavor That Outrivals The Grace In A Woman's Personage.

This Forest Green Silk Paithani Saree Is A Staggering Piece Of Art Crafted With Silk Yarns. The Red-gold Border And Pallu Of The Saree Design Are Beautified With Peppy Colorful Motifs. You Can Have A Magnetic Grandeur Draping The Silk Marathi Paithani Saree. Shop This Paithani Saree Online At Karagiri From The Best Paithani Sarees.

Maintenance Of Paithani Saree:

1. Never Hand-wash Or Machine-wash A Silk Saree.

2. In Case The Saree Gets Stained, Immediately Wipe The Stain Off With Cold Water.

3. It Is Advisable To Only Dry-clean Silk Sarees.



Blended Silk

Silk Is A Very Valuable Natural Protein Fiber That We Get From Nature And Used In The Textile Industry. The Proteins Are One Of The Natural Polymers And Biodegradable And They Have Reactive Functional Groups. Silk Fibers Are Soft, Long, And Thin. They Are Known For Their Luster, Absorbency, Strength, And Wrinkle Resistance. However, There Are Some Downfalls Of Natural Silk. It Is Weakened By Sweat, Bleach, Body Oils, Perfumes, And Sunlight. It Is Sometimes Mixed With Other Fabrics To Make Our Blended Silk.

Silk And Blended Silk Are Very Similar In Strength, Texture, And Appearance. Blended Silk Is Seen As A Cheaper Alternative That Is More Durable Due To Its Mixed Fabric. The Blended Fabric Increases Antimicrobial Properties With Uv Protection. Mixed Silk Sarees Can Be Used As A Great Alternative. For Those People Who Want Silk’s Appearance And Feel, But Want Something Stronger And More Durable.



- Once The Order Is Placed, It Takes 5 To 7 Business Days To Dispatch After Placing The Order. Then 4 To 5 Business Days For It To Get Delivered.

- So, The Estimated Time Would Be 10 To 15 Working Days. You Will Receive The Tracking Details Once Your Order Has Been Shipped.


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